Friday, June 9, 2023


Tom Cruise Delivers 300 Cakes via Private-Jet to ‘Mission Impossible’ Film Crew in London

59-year-old 'Oblivion' star Tom Cruise reportedly delivered 300 cakes via his private-jet to the crew of his movie 'Mission: Impossible' in London. A source says of the flight: "Tom wanted to give the team on Mission: Impossible a treat for...

Tom Cruise SCREAMS at ‘Mission Impossible’ Crew After COVID-19 Rules Were Broken

Audio of Tom Cruise, 58, screaming at the crew of 'Mission: Impossible 7' has been leaked after employees on-set broke COVID-19 rules; by apparently standing less than three feet away from each other while staring at a computer screen! In...

NOT-SO-IMPOSSIBLE! Tom Cruise Films a Crazy ‘Mission Impossible 7’ Scene On Top of a Speeding-Train!

58-year-old 'Mission Impossible' superstar Tom Cruise was spotted in Norway today filming a crazy scene for 'Mission Impossible 7!' Cruise was seen riding the top of a speeding-train while many plain-clothed Norwegians looked on from the sidelines cheering him on!...


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Jennifer Garner Takes Jennifer Lopez’s Daughter Emme to Disneyland

It turns out that Jennifer Garner and Jennifer Lopez's kids are not only step-siblings, but they're also one big...