Jennifer Lopez Picks Flowers On The Fourth Of July In New York While Ben Stays In California

Jennifer Lopez is flaunting her blingy wedding ring while celebrating the Fourth of July, amid the swirling gossip about her marriage to Ben Affleck. Spoiler alert: there’s drama, and we’re here for it!

On Thursday, the 54-year-old superstar and walking hit machine strutted her stuff in New York, on a mission to find the perfect plants. Because, clearly, nothing screams “I’m fine, totally fine!” like a sudden urge to garden. Her engagement ring was glinting in the sun, almost as if it was waving and shouting, “Hey, look! Everything’s totally normal here!”

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This dazzling ring display was a bold move, especially since she had ditched it in a video earlier in the week, causing fans to collectively clutch their pearls and wonder if Bennifer 2.0 was heading for the exit.

In the photos, J.Lo rocked a pair of wide-legged khakis, a striped button-up shirt, and a tan hat that probably cost more than your monthly rent. She accessorized with a woven bag (perfect for carrying emotional baggage, perhaps?) and hoop earrings big enough to hula hoop with.

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Jennifer jump-started her holiday festivities with an Instagram story post, declaring she was in “long weekend mode.” Translation: “I need a break from all the drama, people!”

This star-spangled holiday arrives amidst a flurry of rumors about her marriage to Ben. The couple’s love story is apparently having a plot twist, and not the kind you see in her rom-coms.

Just last week, the rumor mill churned out some spicy news: Ben reportedly moved all his stuff out of their shared home while Jennifer was on a solo vacation. Yep, it seems like even Batman needs a break sometimes. He was also spotted ring-less, making everyone wonder if the ring decided it needed a solo vacation too.

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So, while Jennifer is out there showing off her green thumb and her glittering ring, the world is left to speculate if Bennifer is planting new roots or if they’re just trimming the dead leaves. Stay tuned, because in Hollywood, you never know what’s going to bloom next!

Jennifer Lopez Picks Flowers On The Fourth Of July In New York While Ben Stays In California

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