Zendaya is DISGUSTED With United Airlines After They Almost KILL a Paying Passenger


20-year-old ‘KC Undercover’ star Zendaya is OUTRAGED after United Airlines almost killed a paying passenger on a flight this past Sunda ynight.

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The flight in question was traveling from Chicago to Louisville, Kentucky, and because United overbooked the flight – they requested four passengers deboard in order to make room for their own staff! No passengers agreed to deboard and that’s when United Airlines forcibly attacked a doctor and violently pulled him off the plane.

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The man was visibly shaken and disturbed, with authorities even making him bleed. He was violently attacked by United Airlines. After watching the video, Zendaya tweeted: “I am appalled and absolutely disgusted….this is unacceptable.” Watch the disturbing video below and see Zendaya’s response:

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