Friday, June 9, 2023

Tom Cruise Avoids Nicole Kidman by Skipping the Oscars


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Oh boy, let’s talk about Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman! Apparently, Tom Cruise is so scared of running into his ex-wife, Nicole, that he skipped out on the Oscars this year. I mean, who can blame him? Seeing your ex after 20 years is like running into your high school bully at a reunion – you just want to disappear!

Sources say that Tom didn’t want things to get awkward, but insiders are claiming that it was just a scheduling conflict. Yeah, right. I’m sure his busy schedule was filled with important things like playing with his model airplanes and re-watching all of his Mission Impossible movies.

In case you forgot, Tom and Nicole were once married and even adopted two kids together. But their love fizzled out, and Tom filed for divorce, leaving Nicole in utter “shock.” Some say it was because she didn’t want to become a Scientologist like Tom, but who knows? Maybe he just got tired of her Aussie accent.

Nicole has moved on, though. She’s now happily married to country singer Keith Urban and even brought him to the Oscars. The two were getting frisky on the red carpet, which is always awkward when you’re surrounded by a bunch of A-listers in designer gowns.

As for Tom, he married Katie Holmes, but that didn’t work out either. Maybe he should take a cue from Nicole and find a nice country singer to settle down with. After all, who doesn’t love a good hoedown?

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