Monday, May 29, 2023

Tiffany Haddish Claims to “Have Lost All Gigs” Due to Child Molestation Lawsuit


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Tiffany Haddish is opening up about how the child molestation lawsuit brought against her (now dismissed) affected her career.

Haddish was accused together with comic Aries Spears of using a Jane Doe and her younger brother to make sexually inappropriate comedy sketches, and the accuser claimed that this amounted to molestation.

Haddish denied the claim and labeled them “bogus.” The lawsuit was dismissed with prejudice. However Haddish now claims that the simple filing of the suit has led to a significant career hit. She explained to paparazzi when they caught up with her: “I lost everything. All my gigs…gone. Everything gone.” She was then asked whether the dismissal of the case would mean things would begin looking up soon, she added: “I don’t know, bro. I don’t have no job.”

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