The Louvre Offers ‘Jay-Z and Beyoncé’ Tour!

The Louvre Offers 'Jay-Z and Beyoncé' Tour! image

THE LOUVRE in Paris is honoring their new friends, megastar couple Beyoncé and Jay-Z with a tour!

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Beyoncé and Jay-Z rented the museum in order to film scenes for their video ‘Ape****’ and now fans will be able to celebrate the art in the video by touring the artwork featured in the video, IN THE LOUVRE! For example ‘Portrait of a Negress’ is a painting from 1800, six years after revolutionary France had abolished slavery in its Caribbean colonies only for Napoleon to reinstate it two years later.

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For a list of all the art featured on the ‘Beyoncé & Jay-Z’ Louvre tour click here.

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