Taylor Swift Says A New Music Video Will Be Released On ‘TTPD’ Release Day

Taylor Swift just dropped a video that’s got her fans spinning like tops trying to decode its cryptic messages! It’s like she’s got a secret code only decipherable by unicorn enthusiasts and amateur sleuths.

Picture this: Taylor, the maestro of musical mischief, teasing us like a magician with a deck of cards. She casually captions her latest brain teaser “The TTPD Timetable,” as if she’s about to unveil the schedule for a cosmic circus. We’re in for a ride!

The video kicks off innocently enough with a clock showing 2 o’clock, but hold onto your socks because things are about to get weirder than a giraffe on roller skates. Cut to a calendar where the sacred date, Friday the 19th, is circled in glowing neon. But wait, there’s more! Taylor’s throwing a soirée at 8 PM ET, and you better believe it’s gonna be lit like a birthday cake in a fireworks factory!

And what’s with those 14 mysterious slashes? Are they tally marks for every time Taylor’s cat steals her socks, or is it a secret code for the meaning of life? We’ve got two theories: Either it’s a subtle nod to Track 14, ominously titled “The Smallest Man Who Ever Lived,” or it’s a clever riddle hinting at the fortnight-long adventure awaiting us in Track 1, featuring the one and only Post Malone. Either way, we’re strapping ourselves in for a wild ride through the Taylorverse!

But hold onto your party hats because the madness doesn’t end there! Taylor’s got something special lined up for Saturday, April 20th. Brace yourselves, because it’s none other than… *drumroll*… Record Store Day! Yeah, you heard right! It’s like Christmas for audiophiles and vinyl junkies, and Taylor’s got a trick or two up her sleeve. Will she drop an exclusive remix? Host an impromptu dance party in a record store? Who knows! All we can say is, expect the unexpected when Taylor Swift’s involved!

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