Tara Reid KICKED OFF Flight Prior to Take-OFF!

Tara Reid KICKED OFF Flight Prior to Take-OFF! image

42-year-old forgotten SHARKNADO star Tara Reid was reportedly removed from a Los Angeles to New York flight prior to takeoff due to a disagreement she had with flight attendants!

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Witnesses on the flight claim that Tara was complaining loudly about getting the wrong seat and then she began to complain about not getting a pillow. Flight attendants attempted to diffuse the problem however things began to escalate!

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A video taken during the altercation shows Tara being told to leave and then complying with the request. She boarded another flight later. Watch below and let us know: DO YOU REALLY THINK TARA REID SHOULD HAVE BEEN KICKED OFF THE FLIGHT? HAVE YOU WATCHED SHARKNADO 6?

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