Monday, October 3, 2022


Cardi B Shares Second Part of ‘Making the Video’ for UP!

28-year-old WAP rapstress Cardi B just shared the second part to 'Making the Video' of her single for UP! You can watch the first part here. 'Up' has been watched almost 60 million times on Youtube and in the new...

Cardi B Shares Behind-the-Scenes of ‘Up’ Music Video

28-year-old WAP rapstress Cardi B is taking fans behind-the-scenes of her latest music video for her single 'Up!' The 'BOMB' choreography in the video was done by Sean Bankhead, and in a new clip posted to Youtube Cardi gives fans...

Cardi B Shares New Single UP!

28-year-old 'WAP' rap-stress Cardi B just shared some exciting news with her fans! The star just made the announcement that a new single by her titled 'Up' will be released at the end of this week - on Friday February...


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New Trailer for ‘Black Panther – Wakanda Forever’

Out November 11 is 'Black Panther - Wakanda Forever' - and a trailer for the movie has just been...