SUSPECT: Ludacris Didn’t Kiss His Wife For Months!

SUSPECT: Ludacris Didn't Kiss His Wife For Months! image

30-year-old rapper and ‘Fear Factor’ host Ludacris didn’t kiss his wife for months while they were dating!

Eudoxie Bridges shares in a Instagram post of them kissing in 2018: “Today marks 10 years we’ve known each other. We met August 30th Ludaday weekend 2008 but don’t get it twisted he didn’t get to kiss these lips until 2009.”

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Ludacris and Eudoxie got married in 2014 and they have a daughter called Candace who is 2-years-old. Let us know: do you think it’s highly SUSPECT that Ludacris didn’t kiss his wife FOR MONTHS?!

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