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Rebel Wilson Says Her Doctor’s Comments Triggered Her 65-Pound Weight Loss!


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41-year-old ‘Pitch Perfect’ star Rebel Wilson just revealed the motivating factor behind her 65 pound weight loss!

Wilson has called last year, 2020, her “year of health” in helping her reach her goal weight! During an Instagram Q&A session, a fan asked her why she decided to lose the weight in the first place to which she responded: “That is such a massive question, but I’m going to try to answer it for you. It first started when I was looking into fertility stuff and the doctor was like, ‘Well, you’d have a much better chance if you were healthier.'”

Wilson continued, adding that her doctor’s comments were “offended” her because she felt “pretty healthy.” Wilson added: “That’s kind of what started it, that if I lost some excess weight that it would give me a better chance for freezing eggs and having the eggs be a better quality. It wasn’t even really myself, it was more thinking of a future mini-me, really. Everybody’s journey is different, and it’s not a race or competition. I’ve always been a bit of a late developer. I started acting when I was turning 19, which is quite late. And when I came to America as an actress, I was almost 30, which again, is quite late. So I try not to compare myself to other people.” Rebel yesterday posted that she finished filming her latest movie ‘Senior Year’ and cannot wait for her fans to see it.

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