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Racist Scottish Band CHVRCHES SLAMMED For Hateful Messages They Posted About Tyga and Chris Brown


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CHVRCHES, from Glasgow, Scotland, are OFFICIALLY CANCELLED!

The threesome comprised of Lauren Mayberry, Iain Cook and Martin Doherty – posted a series of hateful messages about DJ Marshmello’s collaboration with Tyga and Chris Brown. CHVRCHES specifically said they were disappointed with Marshmello, who is white, for working with abusers like Chris Brown and Tyga. After posting a series of now-deleted and extremely hateful messages that started garnering attention, the group finally posted on their Instagram: “We are really upset, confused and disappointed by Marshmello’s choice to work with Tyga and Chris Brown.”

The message didn’t go over well, with Chris Brown quickly writing on their Instagram page: “BUNCH OF LOSERS. these are the type of people I wish walked in front of a speeding bus full of mental patients. Keep groveling over you own insecurities and hatred. IM BLACK AND PROUD. AND I KNOW ITS HURTS THAT U GUYS ARE STRUGGLING WIT LIFE OR PEACE SO U ARE FORCED TO SEE MY SUCCESS. You aren’t even #2 ( REMEMBER 2nd place only means YOU LOST FIRST! TA-TA. GOODDAY PEASANTS.” What’s followed is a barrage of support from Tyga and Chris Brown’s fans. See below and let us know: ARE CHVRCHES OFFICIALLY CANCELLED? DO YOU THINK CHVRCHES ARE RACIST SCUM?

Racist Scottish Band CHVRCHES SLAMMED For Hateful Messages They Posted About Tyga and Chris Brown
Racist Scottish Band CHVRCHES SLAMMED For Hateful Messages They Posted About Tyga and Chris Brown

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  1. How are they racist, again? How are their statements hurtful? I believe you meant to say CB made racist and hurtful messages against mental patients?

    • i searched cvrches and “rascist” came up so I clicked on it wondering about the apparent connection..then i found multiple pages fully laying into the band, without even explaining the context.. after finally working out what the hell this was all related to, i was blown away..there wasn’t even a single word related to someones race..
      ..in front of the whole world,.Chris brown has been called out and yes ..accused. but that doesn’t mean you fire off some random barrage of accusations yourself in order to try and prove your innocence by means of deflection…it only works when u deflect onto someone whos actually done something wrong..n even then..that sucks cos there’s no owning up to the bad things that have been done :\

  2. Brown should answer himself to the question what does being “black and proud” have to do with being a woman abuser. We still remember what you did to Rihanna, mate.

  3. Implying that this band is racist when they have done nothing racist is racist itself since you are implying they hate Chris brown for the fact that he is black when what they clearly did was express discontent for the fact that one artist they knew was collaborating with known womanizer and abusers. Whoever wrote this article is trash, as is chris brown for his pathetic response, bringing up his color when it was not even discussed originally seems to me to be a pathetic attempt at garnering support a la “OJ didn’t do it” and this whole toxic “I’m the best and you suck” perpetual diss track theme is toxic for hip hop, never mind the woman beating. Chris brown is trash and so is the author for trying to falsify events and paint the group as racist just because they are white, fuck you.


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