Friday, September 30, 2022

Rachel Bilson Talks About Her Breakup With Bill Hader


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41-year-old former ‘The OC’ actress Rachel Bilson is talking about her breakup from Bill Hader, whom she dated in 2020 and broke up with that same summer.

During an episode of Aubrey Plaza’s podcast called ‘Broad Ideas’ this past June, Rachel revealed that their breakup was “probably the hardest thing I’ve ever done, harder than childbirth.”

However during an appearance on the ‘Call Her Daddy’ podcast, Rachel is clarifying her statements, saying to hos Alex Cooper that the quote was taken out of context: “I said, obviously, he and I, we’re not still together, so we broke up. But it was during a time where you could not leave your house.” Dealing with a breakup during the pandemic was extra hard, Rachel added: “I had to deal with this. I had to deal with being alone and taking care of my kid and everything else.. Being isolated and not being able to connect with any humans, not being able to help myself. I got into a depression, all of these things. That time having to be forced to face all of your sh-t I said was harder than childbirth.” Listen below and let us know what you think!…DID RACHEL BILSON AND BILL HADER MAKE A GOOD COUPLE?!?!????

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