Monday, June 5, 2023

Opinion: Sam Asghari Did Not Marry Britney Spears For Her Money!


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Oh my goodness, can you believe the drama surrounding Britney Spears and her hubby, Sam Asghari? Fans are so protective of Britney, they were skeptical of Sam’s intentions before he married her in June 2022. They were all like, “What’s this guy’s deal? Is he just using Britney for fame and fortune?” I mean, I get it, the guy’s a fitness trainer, model, and actor, but still, people were like, “Show us the money, Sam!”

But hey, let’s give the guy some credit, he was successful before he even met Britney. He started his own fitness business and became a model and actor, walking the runway for LA brand ‘Stello’ and starring in Fifth Harmony’s music video for ‘Work From Home featuring Ty Dolla $ign.’ And get this, he met Britney while filming her music video for ‘Slumber Party, featuring Tinashe.’ Talk about a meet-cute!

Now, some people are still divided on whether Sam’s intentions are genuine or not. There have been cheating allegations and rumors about him making personal demands during the prenup negotiations. But Sam’s like, “Chill out, guys, we signed an ‘iron clad prenup to protect my Jeep and shoe collection in case she dumps me one day.'”

All we can do is take Sam at his word and hope that Britney is doing well with the support of her hubby. I mean, let’s face it, the fallout from Britney’s trial is still a hot topic, and we all want her to be happy and free. But for now, let’s just enjoy Sam’s fitness routines and maybe even sign up for his subscription service. Who knows, we might just get in shape like Sam and snag a superstar spouse!

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