Saturday, January 28, 2023

Normani Reveals That Beyonce and Janet Jackson Were Her Biggest Influences!


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25-year-old former Fifth Harmony artist Normani is opening up about her biggest influences from the entertainment industry!

During an interview with Hailey Bieber, 25, on her ‘Who’s in my Bathroom’ Youtube series, Normani opened up about how Janet Jackson and Beyonce have helped her become the person she is today…The ‘Worth It’ singer says: “I love entertainers, so like Britney Spears, Janet Jackson, Beyoncé. I’ve always really appreciated the art of being able to pair dancing with a vocal and putting together a live performance.”

The singer continued: “I feel so alive any time I’m on stage. I’m able to really tap into, because I’m naturally really, really shy, so it kind of allows me the opportunity to be whoever I choose to be, and nobody can touch me in that moment when I’m in my element…” the conversation then shifted to being women in the entertainment industry and more specifically Black women to which Normani added that it’s been “very unique to me being a black woman in the music industry. Being little and watching the Janets of the world, and watching the Beyoncés of the world, and like seeing that glimpse of what they were able to do, allowed me to open my mind to the possibilities of who I could potentially be.” On the challenges of being a Black woman in the industry: “I think people thinking that they have me figured out when there’s much more to me than the stereotypes, which is why for me, being a competitive dancer, a lot of people wouldn’t have known that, you know? I can go on stage and I can also give you technique. I can do ballet, I can do contemporary, like I don’t have to just go on stage and dance the way that you assume is all I’m capable of doing. That’s why it’s so so important for me to show that Black girls can be elegant and well spoken, and articulate, and it’s not a white thing to be able to have a conversation and be able to articulate,” Normani continued. “I just like to prove people wrong.” Watch below and let us know what you think:

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