Wednesday, January 25, 2023

Nick Jonas Shares Fun Facts About the 2007 Jonas Brothers Hit ‘SOS’


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29-year-old ‘Sucker’ artist Nick Jonas is sharing some fun facts about the 2007 hit Jonas Brothers song SOS.

The song which was released on August 3 from the Jonas Brothers second self-titled record also happened to be their first on Hollywood Records by Disney.

To celebrate ‘SOS,’ Nick took to TikTok where he shared the following fun facts: “I wrote the song when I was 13, in a hotel room in New York City.” “It originally had a pom muted [hums a melody] kind of thing instead of the [hums actual melody of beginning of song]. It wasn’t until we got in the studio with John Fields, our producer, that we were thinking, ‘Dang, this could be more memorable right off the top.’ So that guitar line was born.” “It was originally titled, ‘A Call I’ll Never Get,’ but when it came time to make the track list for the album, everyone kept calling it ‘SOS.’” “It was our first song to No 1 on iTunes I believe back in ’07, and to this day one of my favorite songs to play live.” Nick then says at the end of the clip: “Thanks to each and every one of you who sang your emo little hearts out then, and now, to every word.”

@nickjonas Time flies when youre having fun. #sos #jonasbrothers #song #songwriting @Jonas Brothers ♬ S.O.S. – Jonas Brothers

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