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Netflix Cancels ‘Once Upon a Time’ BECAUSE IT’S RACIST!


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Netflix is officially ending its relationship with the fantasy series ‘Once Upon a Time!’

The ABC production will officially stop streaming in September 2020 – the deal between Netflix and ABC only allowed the show to air for two years since its Netflix debut in 2018. A source close to the company also states that Netflix don’t want to renew their ‘Once Upon a Time’ deal as many viewers consider the show racist…

‘Once Upon a Time’ which aired from 2011 to 2018 never featured any characters-of-color unless they were villains, and for only brief periods…and many have criticized the show for seemingly only having one character-of-color at any given time…Let us know: DO YOU WATCH ONCE UPON A TIME? DO YOU HAVE NETFLIX? ARE YOU HAPPY IT’S CANCELLED NOW???!

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  1. I love how people love to spread fake news just to get money from clicks. First of all – OUAT was removed from Netflix because the license ended, and if you don’t know yet ABC is part of Disney so of course they would rather put it on Disney+ instead where it will get much better promo than on Netflix. Second of all WHAT IS EVEN THIS.

    In season 7 we had Cinderella and her daughter (as protagonists) FOR THE WHOLE SEASON. We also had Lancelot, Mulan, Tiana, Rapunzel, Dr.Facilier, Naveen, Ursula etc.

    Shame on whoever wrote this.


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