Saturday, March 25, 2023

Model Jeff Thomas May Have Accidentally Fallen, Jump Was Not Intentional


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Apparently, some people aren’t buying the whole “suicide” thing when it comes to model Jeff Thomas’ recent death. As you may recall, Jeff was found dead outside a Miami apartment building earlier this month, having apparently taken a tumble from a balcony. But was it really a suicide? His agent, Luli Batista, doesn’t think so. In fact, she thinks the whole thing was just a tragic accident, and that Jeff may have been trying to take a selfie when he fell. Hey, the guy did love taking selfies, so it’s not totally out of the realm of possibility.

And Luli’s not the only one who’s questioning the official story. Jeff’s cousin, Meghan Rae, is also insisting that it wasn’t a suicide, and that the media is just trying to smear his name. She’s not giving any more details than that, but she’s clearly not happy about the way things are being reported. Meanwhile, Jeff’s brother Skylar Ray Thomas seems to have a different take on things. He took to Facebook to say that Jeff had been struggling with addiction and mental health issues, and that this ultimately led to his death. He wants people to remember Jeff for the kind and caring person he was, which is fair enough.

Of course, we still don’t know for sure what happened to Jeff. The autopsy results haven’t been released yet, so we’re all still in the dark. But regardless of how he died, it’s clear that Jeff was a beloved figure in his community, and he’ll be missed by many. We’re sending love to his friends and family during this difficult time, and we hope they can find some peace in the days and weeks ahead. And hey, if you’re ever taking a selfie on a balcony, just be careful out there, okay?

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