Saturday, March 25, 2023

Meta to Layoff 10,000 Employees in 2023


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Oh boy, hold onto your hats folks! Meta is at it again! Mark Zuckerberg just announced that the company will be saying sayonara to 10,000 more employees and withdrawing 5,000 open positions. I guess the Meta team is going to be a little less meta now!

Last fall, they already sent 11,000 people packing, and now they’re going for round two! It’s like the Hunger Games, but instead of fighting for their lives, these poor folks are fighting for their jobs.

Apparently, it’s all part of Meta’s “Year of Efficiency” plan. Sounds like they’re trying to make the most of their finances while times are tough. I mean, I get it, but maybe they could have considered selling Zuckerberg’s hoodie collection instead? Just a thought.

According to a memo from the Zuckmeister himself, the restructuring will involve “flattening our orgs, canceling lower priority projects, and reducing our hiring rates.” And yep, you guessed it, that means fewer jobs to go around.

They’re starting with the tech groups in late April, followed by the business groups in late May. So basically, if you’re in one of those departments, start packing your desk now.

But don’t worry, after all the dust has settled, they’re planning to “lift hiring and transfer freezes in each group.” I guess that means they’ll be hiring again at some point? Who knows, maybe they’ll even hire a clown to entertain the remaining employees after all this chaos.

Meta’s financial performance is expected to improve with this move, with expenses falling between $86 billion USD and $92 billion USD for the year. I guess that means the Meta team can afford to buy themselves some gold-plated staplers now!

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