‘Mary Poppins’ Actress Glynis Johns Dies at 100

Magical Mary Poppins star, Glynis Johns, has left us at the grand old age of 100. Yes, you heard it right, a century of sassy charm and theatrical wizardry!

The seasoned actress, renowned for her role as Wilfred Banks in the 1964 musical extravaganza, took her final bow due to natural causes in the star-studded assisted living home of Los Angeles. Mitch Clem, Johns’ manager and the bearer of the news, spilled the tea to Variety.

“Glynis didn’t just age like fine wine; she aged like a sparkling vintage champagne with a dash of unicorn tears. With intelligence, wit, and a love for performance, she charmed her way through life, leaving millions of jaws dropped in admiration,” declared Clem in a statement that was probably delivered with a dramatic flourish.

“Meeting her set the bar for navigating the entertainment industry high – like, higher than Mary Poppins’ umbrella high. She showed us how to do it with grace, class, and your own unique truth. Her light flickered for a whopping 100 years,” he continued, as if Glynis had been competing in a celestial marathon.

In a bold declaration, Clem proclaimed that Johns’ departure marks a “somber day” and “the end of the golden age of Hollywood.” Well, if Hollywood’s golden age had a mic drop moment, this would be it!

This lady’s career was like a marathon with an encore. She strutted her stuff on stage and screen for eight decades, gracing over 60 films and 30 plays. Not just a one-trick pony, she dazzled as a pianist, dancer, and singer – the ultimate triple threat! Move over, Mary Poppins, we’ve got a new superhero in town.

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Bagging an Oscar nomination for her role as Mrs. Firth in the 1960 film The Sundowners, Glynis proved she was not just a spoonful of sugar but a whole jar of talent. And let’s not forget her Tony win for the Broadway hit A Little Night Music, where she slayed as Desiree Armfeldt. Bravo, Glynis, bravo!

In the game of love, Johns played it four times – yup, she had four marriages under her belt. Talk about a theatrical romantic! She even had a late son, Gareth, with Anthony Forwood. Unfortunately, life threw in a plot twist, and Gareth danced off to the great beyond due to a heart attack in 2007.

So here’s to Glynis Johns, the lady who made aging look like a standing ovation, love look like a four-act play, and life look like a dazzling Broadway production. Rest in peace, maestro – the show may be over, but the laughter and applause echo on!


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