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Lorde Says She’s Not Worried About Solar Power’s Commercial Success


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Lorde has made some changes to how she releases her new album ‘Solar Power.’

The 24-year-old singer’s new LP will be out via an eco-friendly “music box” instead of the traditional CD and so it won’t count towards Billboard charts.

Lorde, who had been limiting social media use until recently, said she is excited for this release method because people can listen through headphones where they might not have access to a radio or online streaming service like Spotify without WiFI in their area. In light of her less-commercial moves Lorde said to the WSJ that she has “zero anxiety about it.” “But I’m sure there is someone with a spreadsheet somewhere,” she continued, “who can point to the ways in which I’m making less money. I have more money than I could ever spend in my life. I own a home. I own some lovely rugs and great furniture and can buy whatever I want at the grocery store. Like, we’re good on money.”

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