Liu Yifei Plays ‘Mulan’ in Live-Action Movie!


The live-action version of the upcoming ‘Mulan’ movie by Disney has already begun production and first photos of Chinese actress Liu Yifei as Mulan have been released.

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‘Mulan’ is filming in China and New Zealand, and tells the story of Hua Mulan – the eldest daughter of a Chinese warrior. Mulan steps up to the plate instead of her ailing father when the Emperor rules that one person per family must serve in the Imperial Army.

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‘Mulan’ will be released March 27 2020 and is directed by Niki Caro. See Liu Yifei as MULAN below and let us know what you think: WILL YOU WATCH MULAN WHEN IT COMES OUT???!

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Liu Yifei Plays ‘Mulan’ in Live-Action Movie!

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