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Lily Allen Calls Her 2 Years of Sobriety “The Best Thing I Ever Did”


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36-year-old ‘Smile’ superstar Lily Allen has called her 2-years of sobriety the “Best thing I ever did!”

Allen posted a photo herself posing in a little black dress to Instagram, and wrote alongside: “2 Years Drug and Alcohol free today ! Getting clean is the BEST thing i ever did, and i’ve done a lot of cool s–t.”

She also added a screenshot of the sobriety tracking app Pink Cloud which showed her “sober birthday” as July 28 – and showing her beginning her “sober journey” on July 28 2019. Allen has been vocal about her past drug and alcohol addictions, and even admitted to doing heroin! “I remember being in LA and thinking, like, ‘None of this acting out is working anymore. Maybe I should try heroin,'” she admitted to The Recovery podcast last year. “I’d been in a scene…and knew that when that thought popped into my head, it was time to confront my demons.”

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