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Lana Condor Tells Australian News She’s Been STEALING From the ‘To All The Boys…’ Set


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23-year-old ‘To All the Boys’ franchise superstar Lana Condor has just admitted to being a THIEF!

Condor says in an interview with Australian radio-personality Smallzy: “I’m a thief, I’m a thief, I’m surprised production hasn’t come for me. I’ve taken so much. took a lot of letters that Peter wrote to Lara Jean. I took a lot of pictures that were in her bedroom as physical, you know, physical pieces of my heart. So I stole quite a bit, but you know what? I also, I feel like it’s mine.”

Condor added that even though ‘To All the Boys 3: Always and Forever’ happens to be the final movie in the franchise, she’d still like to see more from ‘To All The Boys’ especially when the characters hit their thirties!…(like that will ever happen)….Lana adds: “To the best of my knowledge, this is the last instalment, and I’m very, very happy with the way that we ended. You know, I’d love to see them like in their 30s, I’d love to see them go live their lives, actually pay their taxes, and they’d be like, oh wow adulthood that’s hard, remember when it was all about writing letters?” Listen to her interview below and let us know: ARE YOU SHOCKED?? HAVE YOU EVER STOLEN FROM SET BEFORE???

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