Lady Gaga Wants Fans to Work For Free on ‘A Star Is Born’

Lady Gaga Wants Fans to Work For Free on 'A Star Is Born' image

31-year-old ‘Bad Romance’ superstar Lady Gaga has been having a tough time casting her new movie, ‘A Star is Born!’

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Beyoncé amongst other celebs have turned down roles in the movie and now reports are circulating that Gaga is having a hard time securing talent for the movie, and is now requesting her fans work for free!

Gaga has invited fans to be a part of the film, with a tweet from the film put out reading: “Be in the audience as Lady Gaga films scenes with Bradley Cooper on The Greek Theatre stage. Help cheer and applaud their performances on camera.” Filming for ‘A Star is Born’ will occur on Tuesday May 2 and Wednesday May 3 at the Greek Theater in Los Angeles!

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