Saturday, May 27, 2023

Kim Petras Reveals Plans for New Album ‘Feed The Beast’


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International sensation Kim Petras is taking over the world with her latest smash hit ‘Alone,’ featuring none other than the queen of rap herself, Nicki Minaj. And let me tell you, it’s not just a regular ol’ hit—it’s her highest placement on the Hot 100 yet! Talk about leveling up, baby!

When that bop premiered and skyrocketed to a stunning #55 on the charts, the response was so epic that even Kim, with her GRAMMY-winning glory, couldn’t help but floor it on the hype train for her long-awaited debut album. Vroom, vroom, baby!

So, here’s the juicy scoop: Kim Petras, the one and only, decided to bless us with all the deets during her press conference on Monday (May 15). Now, keep in mind that this fabulous diva has already been turning heads as the cover star of this year’s Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. But she’s not done yet, honey! She dropped the bombshell news about her very first studio album. Brace yourselves for ‘Feed The Beast’—coming to a digital shelf near you on June 23, brought to you by the amazing folks at Republic Records/Amigo Records. Can you feel the excitement brewing?

And guess what? Kim Petras knows how to throw a party! To celebrate these mind-blowing announcements, she’s going to light up the stage at the Hard Rock Live, Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Hollywood in Hollywood, FL on May 19. And who’s presenting this epic event? None other than Sports Illustrated! Talk about a star-studded affair! But wait, there’s more! She’s not stopping there, my friends. Kim is about to grace some of the most high-profile festivals and events across the globe, showing off her mesmerizing live talents. And mark your calendars because on June 23, she’ll be rocking the stage on NBC’s ‘Today’ as part of the Citi Concert Series. Who needs coffee when you have Kim Petras to kickstart your morning?

Now, here’s a little throwback for you. Back in 2022, Kim had plans to drop her debut album titled ‘Problématique.’ But, alas, it seems like that idea got tossed out the window like a crumpled piece of paper. Rumor has it that a bunch of tracks from the album leaked online, and Kim was like, “Nah, I want my fans to have the ultimate listening experience!” So she decided to hit the brakes on ‘Problématique’ and rev up the engine for ‘Feed The Beast’ instead. Can’t blame her for wanting to give us perfection, right?

So, buckle up, my fellow Kim Petras enthusiasts, because the ride is just getting started. Prepare to be blown away by her irresistible beats, killer vocals, and larger-than-life personality. Kim Petras is about to take over the world, one catchy tune at a time. Let’s dance, darlings!

Kim Petras Reveals Plans for New Album ‘Feed The Beast’

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