Saturday, March 25, 2023

Keanu Reeves Opens Up About the Passing of ‘John Wick’ Co-Star Lance Reddick


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Keanu Reeves, the man who made “whoa” a thing, is finally speaking up about the demise of his John Wick co-star, Lance Reddick. You might want to grab a box of tissues before you read on.

On this fateful day of Friday the 17th, the world received the shocker that Lance had kicked the bucket at the age of 60. Lance, the guy who played Charon the concierge in the John Wick movies and Cedric Daniels in The Wire on HBO, was an absolute legend in his own right.

But fear not, for Keanu, the man who’s been breathing life into Hollywood for over three decades, has come forth to pay his respects to the dearly departed Lance. “We are deeply saddened and heartbroken at the loss of our beloved friend and colleague Lance Reddick,” Keanu said in a statement with Variety, choking back tears. “He was the consummate professional and a joy to work with. Our love and prayers are with his wife Stephanie, his children, family and friends. We dedicate the film to his loving memory. We will miss him dearly.”

It’s been reported that Lance’s lifeless body was discovered at his home in Studio City, California, at 9:30 AM by law enforcement. While the cause of his death remains a mystery, sources say that it seems to have been natural.

But wait, there’s more! Brace yourselves, for John Wick: Chapter 4 is set to hit theaters on March 24th, just a week from now. And you can bet your sweet behind that Lance will be sorely missed in this one. Rest in peace, Lance. You will be remembered fondly, my friend.

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