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JoJo Siwa Was Almost Arrested After Coming Out as a Gay Woman


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In case you’ve been living under a rock – 17-year-old former ‘Dance Moms’ star JoJo Siwa recently came out as a gay woman, and the news shocked the world! More on that here.

Now JoJo is revealing a scary incident that took place on the night she officially “came out…” JoJo says that somebody called the SWAT team to make a false report which she’s still unsure of – resulting in multiple police officers and SWAT team members to show up at her home and force her and her family outside! JoJo says she suspects that paparazzi are involved because as soon as she stepped outside her home, loads of paparazzi were already there snapping her photos!

In an interview with DJ Nate Javier over Instagram Live, Siwa revealed: “Our house got swatted. We were at our house and, all of a sudden, there was a whole bunch of police telling us to come outside the house. And we didn’t know why..” On suspecting that it was the paparazzi who made the claim, JoJo adds: “We went outside, hands up, like you have to. The police were saying that somebody had called and made a claim and then all of a sudden paparazzi came around the corner.” OH NO! SO SAD FOR JOJO SIWA…Watch her interview with Javier below and let us know what you think: COULD IT REALLY HAVE BEEN THE PAPARAZZI???…OR JOJO SIWA HERSELF???

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