Jennifer Lopez is OBSESSED With ALEX RODRIGUEZ, Doesn’t Let Him Out of Sight!

Jennifer Lopez is OBSESSED With ALEX RODRIGUEZ, Doesn't Let Him Out of Sight! image

According to exclusive sources, 48-year-old ‘Get Right’ singer Jennifer Lopez is OBSESSED with boyfriend Alex Rodriguez, and DOES NOT let him out of her sight!

She has reportedly been accompanying the 42-year-old baseball star to fan-signings and was seen watching over him at a recent memorabilia signing at the National Collectors Convention in Rosemont, IL, on July 29. The source says: “Instead of cutting him loose, Jennifer is rearranging her entire schedule to accommodate Alex’s so that she can watch him like a hawk. She’s OBSESSED with him and worried that he will slip through her hands if she doesn’t stay close.”

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You’d think that being the big baseball star he is, Alex would cut loose – BUT he apparently enjoys the attention. Our source continues: “He loves all the attention dating J.Lo brings him. He’s clearly milking her for the fame.” Guess tit-for-tat is the name of this love-game!

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