Jared Leto to Star in SPIDER-MAN Spinoff, ‘Morbius’

Jared Leto to Star in SPIDER-MAN Spinoff, 'Morbius' image

46-year-old ‘Suicide Squad’ actor Jared Leto will be starring in the SPIDER-MAN spinoff, ‘Morbius!’

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‘Morbius’ is based on the Spider-Man villain of the same name and will be directed by Daniel Espinosa. Plot: “Morbius is a scientist who tried to cure himself of an affliction, with tragic results. He became afflicted with vampiric traits such as fangs and a thirst for blood — and wound up battling Spider-Man.”

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‘Morbius’ doesn’t have a release date as yet, however production of the movie will begin this year. Let us know: ARE YOU EXCITED to watch Jared Leto in ‘Morbius’?

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