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HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD! Bella Hadid Says She Loves Palestine While Wishing Dad Mohamed Hadid a Happy 72nd Birthday!


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24-year-old supermodel Bella Hadid wrote the sweetest message to wish her dad Mohamed Hadid a happy 72nd birthday!

Bella took to her Instagram Stories, sharing a letter alongside some photos of them together…The supermodel wrote: “Happy birthday to my Baba. I love learning how to cook Palestinian food with you. Thank you for teaching me about our culture. I love Palestine and you so much. Your roots will forever be intertwined within our family line. It’s my favorite part about us.”

She continued: “What I know for sure is that… You are the best gentleman I have ever known. Your work ethic will always be A1. I will never stop working hard, with you in mind. Nobody makes me laugh more than you! Especially when Alana and Marielle are in the picture. Then we don’t stop laughing for days. You are fun. You are kind. You make people feel welcomed and loved. Always. Thank you for being YOU. I love you my baba…” Let us know:…COULD YOU IMAGINE MOHAMED HADID IS 72??! HE LOOKS SO YOUNG! DO YOU THINK GIGI WISHED HIM TOO???

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