Wednesday, October 26, 2022

Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Wants TikTok Removed From All App Stores!


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The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) in the United States, wants TikTok removed from Apple and Google App Stores!

FCC Commissioner Brendan Carr has requested both major app marketplaces to remove TikTok, citing “surreptitious data practices.” Carr shared an open letter on Twitter where he criticized the app, writing: “TikTok is not just another video app. That’s the sheep’s clothing. It harvests swaths of sensitive data that new reports show are being accessed in Beijing. TikTok doesn’t just see its users dance videos.”

Carr adds: “It collects search and browsing histories, keystroke patterns, biometric identifiers, draft messages and metadata, plus it has collected the text, images, and videos that are stored on a device’s clipboard. Tiktok’s pattern of misrepresentations coupled with its ownership by an entity beholden to the CCP has resulted in U.S. military branches and national security agencies banning it from government devices. Bipartisan leaders in both the Senate and House have flagged concerns…” Take a look at the open-letter in full and let us know what you think aaaaaand…DO YOU AGREE? SHOULD TIKTOK REALLY BE REMOVED FROM THE APP STORES?!?????

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