Friday, September 30, 2022

Doja Cat Announces That Her Upcoming Record Will Be Rock Inspired, and Have “No Rap at All”


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Musician Doja Cat just revealed that her upcoming record is going to be “rock inspired.”

Doja headed to her Twitter account yesterday where she tweeted details about the upcoming project, revealing in an audio clip that it was going to be called ‘Rock Out Vol. 1: The Abyss 5000.’

Doja’s tweet was titled ‘the truth’ and featured a clip of her dishing on the project where she says: “I’m putting out an album and this time I’m being serious. I am putting out a rock album, it’s going to have emo jams. The name of the album is going to be called ‘Rock Out Volume One – The Abyss 5000’ so keep on the lookout for that. I am entering a rock phase and I hope everyone enjoys it.” Take a listen below at the superstar’s revelation and let us know: WILL YOU BE HERE FOR ROCK OUT VOLUME ONE – THE ABYSS 5000?

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