‘Dark Angel’ Katy Perry ALMOST MISSED The Met Gala!

'Dark Angel' Katy Perry ALMOST MISSED The Met Gala! image

33-year-old ‘Witness’ singer KATY PERRY dressed up as an angel for last night’s MET GALA…which she almost missed! By a quarter of an inch…

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Perry was en route to the event at the Metropolitan Museum of Art and decided to ride parade-style and have fans gawk at her awkward outfit while the car moved…if she was really an angel, why didn’t she fly?!

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However there was panic after the car she’s in suddenly stops and the driver is unable to revive it. Fortunately for Katy, upon the fifty try it started, and the crowd proceeded to cheer! Some even called her “such a babe” and “so hot.” Video from TMZ below and let us know what you think:

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