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COME AWAY Director Brenda Chapman Blasts Racist Critics Who Haven’t Watched the Film Yet Starring Angelina Jolie and David Oyelowo!


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The director of Angelina Jolie’s new movie ‘Come Away’ is blasting critics and reviewers of the movie who are flooding online review websites: for posting negativity without even seeing it!

‘Come Away’ is a film that reimagines classic fairytales with a cast comprising persons-of-color in roles that have stereotypically been white! Peter Pan and Alice from ‘Alice of Wonderland’ are reimagined as siblings from a multi-racial family; with Angelina Jolie, 45, and David Oyelowo, 44, playing the parents.

Director Brenda Chapman is blasting critics of the movie who haven’t seen it yet, saying in an interview with IndieWire: “It just made me sad, like so much of our society these days, the last four years. It just makes me sad that we haven’t risen above all this! People are people and we all have our hopes and dreams and disappointments, and to have someone just purposely go out because they’re racial bigots to destroy something, it’s just hateful and it just makes me sad….” ‘Come Away’ premiered in theaters on November 13. Watch the trailer below , read Brenda Chapman’s full IndieWire interview here, and let us know: HAVE YOU WATCHED COME AWAY YET??? IS IT GOOD? ARE THESE EVIL REVIEWERS RACIST?!

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