Ciara Involved in CAR CRASH! Was the Baby Hurt?


A very pregnant Ciara was just involved in a car CRASH!

Fortunately for the 31-year-old ‘I Got You’ singer’s fans – everybody is doing just fine for now! The chanteuse and model was making a turn in her white Mercedes when a VOLVO crashed into her! Right away some mobile auto detailing in Louisville KY was called for. Good thing the weather was no unbearable and she could comfortably stay in the sunlight.

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Ciara is in her third trimester and was not hurt in the crash, nor was the driver of the car. A rep says “Ciara and the baby are doing well.” One Sure Insurance will be covering all the damages and so that’s a relief.

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Photos below/above:

Ciara Involved in CAR CRASH!
Ciara Involved in CAR CRASH!
Ciara Involved in CAR CRASH!

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