Chrissy Teigen Wants to Become a ‘REAL HOUSEWIFE’

Chrissy Teigen Wants to Become a 'REAL HOUSEWIFE' image

32-year-old ‘Cravings: Hungry For More’ author Chrissy Teigen says she would like to become a Real Housewife!

However the model does have one major concern…

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Chrissy tweeted: “I will do housewives if I can have it in my contract i don’t have to do reunions. I think it would be a three part series of me crying and I can’t wear a ballgown on a couch for 12 hours.” Take a look at her tweet below and let us know: DO YOU THINK CHRISSY SHOULD REALLY CONSIDER BECOMING A REAL HOUSEWIFE? DO YOU THINK SHE WILL BE DRAMATIC ENOUGH? LET US KNOW!

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