Monday, September 26, 2022

Chrissy Teigen SLAMMED For Sharing Bath-Water With Her 5 and 3-Year-Old Kids!


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36-year-old ‘Cravings: Hungry For More’ author Chrissy Teigen is being slammed for taking a bath with her two kids – 5-year-old Luna and 3-year-old Miles.

Chrissy posted the controversial photo to her Instagram page, captioning the shot: “Not pictured: endless bickering.”

The comments beneath were not kind, with one fan writing: “Nope! Not appropriate in front of your son.” Another added: “Bickering between kids is normal. Taking a bath with your kids is not.” And another: “Some aspects of your life you should keep to yourself Chrissy.” Take a look at the photo in-question below and let us know what you think:…WOULD YOU EVER TAKE A BATH WITH A 5 OR 3-YEAR-OLD?!?!?

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