Friday, September 30, 2022

Chelsea Clinton Opens Up About Removing Kanye West From All Her Playlists


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Chelsea Clinton is opening up about why she removed Kanye West’s all’s music from her running playlists.

42-year-old Chelsea spoke with EW about her running playlist and what she listens to, stating: “I’m most certainly paying attention to hip-jump while I’m running: I pay attention to a ton of Jay-Z. I pay attention to a ton of old-school Beyonce. I, as a matter of fact, perhaps this is dating me, however I truly like the stuff from like the mid ’90s to like the last part of the 2000s.”

On why she removed Kanye specifically: “I’ve needed to relinquish Kanye, in light of the fact that it’s simply, I can’t. Simply the way that he has treated Kim Kardashian, the way that he has discussed ladies is unjustifiable to me. That was a portion of my #1 running music. Also, I have taken out it from my music library.”

Read the full piece here and let us know what you think!

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