Caitlyn Jenner’s ROOF Gets Blown Off Malibu Home, Puppy FLOWN AWAY By MAJOR WINDS!


68-year-old reality star CAITLYN JENNER was in the midst of a crisis as her Malibu mansion has been severely affected by the strong California winds!

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Jenner was out for dinner last night when her Labrador puppy named Bertha was SUCKED OUT of the home by the insanely strong winds. When Caitlyn arrived home she found that her roof was displaced and floating in the pool! Caitlyn couldn’t locate Bertha the dog and the star had to get a crew to remove the roof from the pool.

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The crew then informed the former ‘I Am Cait’ star that they had seen a dog up the road; so Caitlyn quickly rushed and found Bertha safe but covered in debris. Aw, what a happy ending!

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