Caitlyn Jenner Claims BRUCE Wants to Be Buried in Womens’ Clothing

Caitlyn Jenner Claims BRUCE Wants to Be Buried in Womens' Clothing image

Former ‘I Am Cait’ star, 68-year-old Caitlyn Jenner, says she knows the exact moment when she’s going to meet God.

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Caitlyn tells Broadly on Vice in a new interview: “I hope when I get up there to the pearly gates, God looks down and says, ‘You did a good damn job, you won the Games, raised wonderful children and, you know, you made a difference in the world. Yeah, come on in.’ That’s the way I want to go.”

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Jenner also reveals that before she transitioned, as BRuce Jenner she actually wished to be buried in women’s clothes! Caitlyn reveals: “I thought about that a lot over the years. And it would shock everybody. Screw ’em.” For more of Caitlyn’s interview with Broadly click here.

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