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BYE BYE: ‘James Bond 007’ Actor Sean Connery Dies at 90-Years-Old in the Bahamas!


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‘James Bond 007’ star Sean Connery has died at the age of 90-years-old…

Connery’s son Jason, 57, said to the BBC that Sean had been unwell and fortunately passed-away peacefully while asleep in the Bahamas. Sean “had many of his family who could be in the Bahamas around him” when he died early on Saturday morning…Jason explained: ” We are all working at understanding this huge event as it only happened so recently, even though my dad has been unwell for some time. A sad day for all who knew and loved my dad and a sad loss for all people around the world who enjoyed the wonderful gift he had as an actor.”

Sean initially starred as Bond in the 1962 ‘James Bond: Dr. No’ movie and then proceeded to star in five more films from the franchise! Many of his fans call him their favorite Bond of all time…’Bond’ producers Michael G. Wilson and Barbara Broccoli realeased a statement about Connery’s death, saying: “he was and shall always be remembered as the original James Bond whose indelible entrance into cinema history began when he announced those unforgettable words, ‘The name’s Bond… James Bond.’ He revolutionized the world with his gritty and witty portrayal of the sexy and charismatic secret agent. He is undoubtedly largely responsible for the success of the film series and we shall be forever grateful to him…” REST IN PEACE SEAN CONNERY! LET US KNOW…WILL YOU MISS HIM?? WHO’S YOUR FAVORITE JAMES BOND???

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