Saturday, August 13, 2022

Britney Spears Has a Message for the Catholic Church!


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40-year-old ‘Glory’ superstar Britney Spears has a message for the Catholic Church!

Britney last week accused the Church of not allowing her to have a Catholic wedding at the St. Monica Catholic Church, and a spokesperson for the Church responded! The spokesperson claimed that Britney never visited the church nor did she request to have a wedding there.

Now Britney is responding to said representative, writing in a Instagram post: “There was a lot of backlash saying I never asked to get married at the church I pictured. I’m writing this because the church said I never asked … I hired a wedding planner who has done Madonna’s wedding and plenty more … he was extremely expensive and yes my first request was to get married in that church pictured. It was the only picture I had and sent to him through my phone at my house … I was told 6 weeks later … I could not get married there !!! During the 2 years of Covid, I also wanted to go there … I was told no due to the pandemic … it’s not a big deal, but I don’t like being called a liar when their church says I never asked !!!” Let us know: WHO DO YOU BELIEVE? BRITNEY SPEARS OR THE CATHOLIC CHURCH?!?!?!???

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Aaron Fernandes
Aaron Fernandes
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