Beyoncé Goes Bargain Shopping at TARGET!


37-year-old superstar Beyoncé may be worth almost half a billion dollars but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t love a bargain!

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Beyoncé was spotted hitting a TARGET location in Los Angeles yesterday, which also happened to be her daughter Blue Ivy’s birthday, presumably to pick up party essentials, or was she getting a gift? Do you think Blue Ivy would accept a gift from Target?

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The ‘Partition’ superstar wore a orange jumpsuit during her bargain escapade. Photos below and let us know:WHAT WOULD Beyoncé WANT FROM TARGET? WHAT DO YOU THINK SHE ACTUALLY PURCHASED? IS A TARGET GIFT IN STORE FOR BLUE IVY? LET US KNOW!

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Beyoncé Goes Bargain Shopping at TARGET!
Beyoncé Goes Bargain Shopping at TARGET!

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