Saturday, March 25, 2023

Ashley Graham Opens Up About Her Husband’s Vasectomy


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Ashley Graham’s hubby, Justin Ervin, has gone under the knife! But not just any old surgery, folks, we’re talking about a vasectomy! Yep, Ashley spilled the beans during a recent podcast appearance, announcing that they’re officially in “full vasectomy mode” after welcoming their twin boys last year.

Now, you might be wondering what “full vasectomy mode” means. Well, it’s simple really – Justin is now shooting blanks, and Ashley no longer has to rely on the dreaded pill. Hallelujah! And apparently, the procedure was a total breeze for Justin. “It’s so easy for them [men],” Ashley exclaimed. “It really is. It’s like the easiest thing. Justin went shopping with me right after.”

But wait, there’s more! Ashley also spilled the beans on how she and Justin have managed to keep their marriage strong after becoming parents. Apparently, the key is to spend a good amount of time getting to know each other before popping out any kiddos. “For us, I was so glad that we were actually able to have the time to be able to spend with each other – so we got to know each other’s everything – because you really still don’t know each other’s everything until you bring in kids,” she shared.

So there you have it, folks. Ashley and Justin are officially in “full vasectomy mode” and loving life with their three adorable boys. And as for Justin? Well, he might have had a little bit of ice down there, but he’s certainly not “laid up in bed” – he’s out and about, hitting up the shops with his lovely wife. What a trooper!

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