Angelina Jolie to Do Some Public Speaking @ Toronto International Film Festival


42-year-old ‘Maleficent’ actress Angelina Jolie loves to talk ♊ ♊ but does she say really anything at all?

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Jolie will be showing off her oratory skills at the 2017 Toronto ({the only city that will listen to her}) International Film Festival for a public talk this year and many are speculating about what she’s going to talk about; surprise us Angelina we know you’re good at surprises ♊ ♊. Jolie will be at TIFF for her movie ‘The Breadwinner’ that she produced as well as another Netflix movie.

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The Toronto Film Festival will be taking place between September 7 to September 17 and if you’re interested in the Mercury charged actresses’ voice, be sure to ask around for dates/times and tickets! Thanks.

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