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Adele Talks About the Negative Comments Regarding Her 100lb Weight Loss


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33-year-old ‘Rolling in the Deep’ singer Adele opened up about her 100lb weight loss yesterday during her One Night Only CBS Special with Oprah!

Adele explained that she didn’t start working out simply as a reason to lose weight, but she wanted to find a way to deal with the anxiety that was arising from her divorce…Adele explained to Oprah yesterday: “[Working out] was about my anxiety, mainly. I had the most terrifying anxiety attacks after I left my marriage — it made me so confused and made me feel as if i had no control over my body.”

The singer continued: “I noticed how much I trusted my trainer’s presence when I was feeling so lost, but also I didn’t have any anxiety when I was out at the gym. It became my time — me having a plan everyday when I had no plans.” On the negative response the public had to her weight loss, she added: “I was body positive then and I’m body positive now. It’s not my job to validate how people feel about their bodies. I feel bad that it’s made anyone feel horrible about themselves, but that’s not my job.”

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