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50% of England Don’t Want to Watch Oprah’s interview With Harry and Meghan


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According to a new survey by The Sun: about HALF of England don’t want to watch Oprah’s interview with Prince Harry Duke of Sussex and wife Meghan Markle, 39.

Those that don’t want to watch say they’d rather change the channel than tune-into the interview which is set to air in early March. Britons say that the highly anticipated interview is actually a huge turn-off because they feel that Meghan and Harry have gone “downhill” since they left Buckingham Palace and the UK…43% of those polled also want to see the split between Harry, Meghan, and the Royal Family permanent.

Only 27% of those surveyed say that they want to watch the special…Take a look at the survey results by The Sun here and let us know what you think…ARE YOU EXCITED TO WATCH???

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