Tuesday, March 21, 2023

10 Dancers Accuse Lady Gaga’s Choreographer of Creating a “Toxic” Environment


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10 of Lady Gaga’s former dancers have just made massive allegations against her choreographer Richard “Richy” Jackson.”

The dancers claim that Jackson created a “toxic,” “unhealthy” and “unsafe” work environment…The news comes right on the heels of Gaga starting off her ‘Chromatica’ Ball in Germany (read more here)

in a special for Rolling Stone, one of Gaga’s dancers Caroline Diamond said: “He abused me; he embarrassed me; he made me feel terrible in the workplace, just because he could. Gaga was my dream … I chased it and I got it, and she is the dream, and then you get there, and this man makes your dream a nightmare.” Rolling Stone then reportedly talked to five additional dancers all of whom made the same claims; with two stating that they voluntarily walked away from the job. Read the full report here and watch Caroline’s video below:

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